DAY 1 – Innauguration


2nd October, 2018  | Asian Heritage Foundation, New Delhi

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Ashok Khoshla, Environmetnalist Speaking about JIYO ! Outreach

2nd October, 2018 | Asian Heritage Fundation

Pushpesh Pant – A noted Indian academic, food critic and historian. He retired as a Professor of International relations from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi Leading our food cluster and spreading the culture of FEAST OF FOREST foods.


Jiyo! Unnyan

Odisha Mar, 2018

A cultural agenda for decentralized growth.

Jiyo! Unnyan – a cultural agenda for decentralized growth… being organised at Guhaldihi village, Baripada, Odisha on 30 th to 31 st March is the first in the series. A pre-event presentation will be held on 29 th March.

Jiyo! AnnaMaya Festival


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Hyatt Delhi, Mar 2017

Jiyo! AnnaMaya Festival is born out of ‘Anna’ or grain and ‘Maya’ or creation, as a mirror to our tangible reality. In our world, what we make and do with our hands is shaped by our inherited memories defining what we are and who we want to be. AnnaMaya casts our collective aspiration for identity and well-being